Land Market’s Guide to Development: Planning Permission

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Here at Land Market we are experts when it comes to buying and selling land for development. Whether you’re looking to develop land yourself or sell a plot for development you will need to begin by looking into your sites potential for being granted planning permission…

Planning permission is the required consent by the local authorities that allows you to be able to build on land or alter pre-existing buildings. If you are planning to develop any type of land obtaining planning permission is the first essential step to your build. This is an extensive process which consists of numerous steps and although it is possible for anyone to apply for planning permission, using an agency such as Land Market to carry out the process on your behalf can ensure the procedure runs as smoothly as possible. 20 years in the development industry has given us the expertise to spot potential pitfalls in the application which can save a lot of unnecessary time and stress.

House Build


For a fee formal pre-planning meetings are available with local authorities and you can submit your ideas and proposals for an initial advice on whether there is a a reasonable chance of getting permission . It is important to seek advice at the pr-planning stage of a project as it will allow you to understand the key issues that may affect your application. You may be able to discuss any potential site problems such as roads, power cables, sewers, noise and traffic, identify the future steps you need to take to reach your goal and who you should be engaging with in the local community.

Outline planning

Outline planning is to agree the principles of a development and can be used to find out if a proposal is likely to be approved by the planning authority. In general this type of planning permission allows more basic details of the proposal to be submitted however, depending on your project you may be required to provide a fairly detailed description of the proposed idea which may or may not include designs for the build at this stage. Issues which are not covered when this permission is granted are dubbed ‘reserve matters’ and can include scale and appearance of the development, landscaping and access. For development work to go ahead these reserved matters must be approved within three years of outlined planning.


Detailed Planning

Attempting to obtain detailed planning permission requires submitted an application that contains all details relating to your development at the same time. These details may include a design access statement, a site plan which shows positions of trees, public rights of way etc., ownership certificates and all additional supporting information.  Once planning permission is obtained further the last step would be ensuring building regulations are approved before work can begin. 


Before Land Market begins the process of applying for planning permission for your site we would carry out a thorough assessment of your land. Using our expertise, our extensive industry knowledge and the latest mapping technology we can give a clear and concise report on the potential for obtaining planning permission and subsequent development.

Call Land Market today for more information on how we can apply for planning permission on your behalf.