Land Market Case Study: Kelman Close & Coalville

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Have you got land to sell but don’t know the best way to go about it? We can help! This Land Market case study shows just two of our success stories and how our company helped two struggling owners to sell their land for the best price…

Case Study: Kelman Close

The Background

The landowner of Kelman Close had been trying to sell this old garage and workshop complex for a number of years by partnering with local developers (who promised an enhanced sale price by undergoing planning permission). However, there was one major problem… the site was in a conservation area and was impacted by a very large and important tree. The owner approached Land Market for our expert guidance!

Our Actions

Our assessments showed that the current land parcel of 21 garages and one workshop were of immense value, in an area where parking was at a premium and our internal appraisal determined its value was not that different to a development site. The plot was put onto the market and very quickly achieved a sale in excess of the guide price (to a buyer who plans to retain the garages as they are). After waiting years for the plot to sell, the landowner was thrilled with our service and the sale was completed in a matter of weeks.

Land Market, Kelman Close, Garage plot of land, brownfield land
Kelman Close


Case Study: Coalville, Leicestershire

The Background

In the case of Coalville, Leicestershire, a landowner possessed a 14-acre agricultural field near a very busy business park. The land was positioned on a strategic roundabout with two sides of the land fronting main carriageways. Land Market saw the site’s potential and took the appropriate action.

Land Market, Coalville Before Development, Map of site,
Coalville Before

Our Actions

Our company partnered with a Midlands based company with experience of developing business units, who also spotted the same potential. However, this was during the aftermath of the financial crisis where business confidence was low. They applied for planning permission and the local planning authority granted consent for a large distribution facility. After several years of progress, the site was sold in February 2015 to DHL to build a new distribution hub.

Coalville After Development (artists impression), map of site,
Coalville After (artists impression)


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