Land Market Case Study: Arundel Road, Bishopston

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Often owning and maintain a piece of land can become an arduous task and obtaining planning permission on your own is not easy. Read on to discover how we helped a struggling client obtain success in this Land Market case study…

Case Study: Arundel Road, Bishopston

The Background

The Arundel Road brown site contained 15 garages, which had become a burden to the landowner as they needed a lot of maintenance and had become too small for modern cars. The land owner had previously requested planning permission but it had not been successful.

Land Market, Arundel Road Before Development, row of garages
Arundel Road: Before


Our Actions

Land Market worked closely with its advisors, the local residents and the very active Bishopston Society to develop and refine four new homes. We knew it was essential for the new houses to be in keeping with the neighbouring Victorian styles. Although we had worked extremely closely with the local residents, there was still some opposition to the scheme. However, the new homes were granted permission at an appeal.

Through our proactive, neighbourly approach we gained plaudits for the scheme and the beautiful new builds were snapped up within no time! The Victorian-inspired homes showcased wooden sash windows, wood burning fires and picturesque city gardens that featured amazing views. The design made sure that adjacent gardens were not over-looked and that the surrounding properties retained their privacy.

Subsequently, a neighbour agreed to sell a further section of land enabling another new home to be built.

Land Market Success, Arundel Road After Development, row of houses
Arundel Road: After



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