Land Market Case Study: Sidmouth

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This case study highlights the potential that land attached to your home might possess, if you’re blessed with a large garden or spacious grounds that are difficult to manage, you may have thought of selling a part of it for development yourself. When a Sidmouth homeowner was in this position Land Market snapped up the opportunity to create an attractive new build in a great location; leading to our very first development…

The Background

The site at the location in Sidmouth, Devon was acquired by Land Market in 2005 when a home owner sold off a part of their very large garden. The plot sold was in the grounds of a large 1930s colonial style bungalow. The picture below shows our new development on the right (grey roof), you can see from the image just how large the area sold was. We undertook our first development at this site with the idea to create a property which was built to a very high specification and made by working closely with local designers and tradesmen.

Sidmouth, land development, plot of land, mapped land,
Sidmouth: After Development (plot on right)


Our Actions

Plans for a large bungalow to be built on the greenfield land were created and planning permission was sought and obtained. With a strong desire to involve local talent the designs for the build were drawn up by local architect Nick Moorhouse and the labour work was carried out by Mike Cann and other local builders from the town of Sidmouth. The project also used local suppliers and local materials wherever possible. Produced to a high specification, the bungalow property featured plenty of windows to make the most of natural light and boasted a large garage. A light paint colour and striking pillar feature at the front door gave the properties exterior an attractive, classic yet modern finish. Although the Sidmouth bungalow was built in what was the garden of an existing property both home still benefit from ample garden space.

Sidmouth, Bungalow, Land Development, New Build, White House,
Sidmouth: After Development

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